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Nowadays, it is not enough just to be prepared with effective response capacity for incidents related with security.
Modern companies need before anything to keep themselves avant-guard in those incidents prevention.
To accomplish this optimum security levels programs must be developed to minimize commercial risks, from protecting intellectual property to crisis management, starting from due diligence that must be implemented to executive protection.Our objective is to offer companies with global and world class security solutions.
Of course, it is possible that a business company uses its internal resources to handle this activity.
But if the end is to maximize cost effectiveness and limit loss without loosing sight of business primary objectives, there is no doubt that to count with external security professionals is a better option.
AP Security Consultora would be a good strategic partner to protect the company, to act as a security advisor for its clients, adjusting its services to this client budget and culture.

Guaranteed Reliability

Our ethic imposes us not to tell for what companies we give our services.
Neither to make public in the market that we have a business relationship with the company, or its characteristics or projections.
The conduct against other groups of the same commercial, economical or financial nature that our clients, will be inexorably not to offer any services or take contact.