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Security Studies and Physical Security Plans

It consists on an important exam and analysis in situ of an industrial plant, university, hospital, hypermarket, hotel, corporative building, shops in general, private homes, etc, to determine its general security status.
With this studies you will accomplish:

• Anticipation to events
• Recognize risk
• Risk reduction
• Initiation of an action to eliminate or reduce risk.

Our security planning follows the lines of the guide for security in facilities, NFPA 730 (Nacional Fire Protection Administration) and points to a security vulnerability evaluation that in general implies a seven steps process:

• Team formation
• Organization/ facilities features
• Threat assessment
• Threat vulnerability analysis
• Specific security countermeasures definition
• Risk reduction assessment
• Document Conclusions and Action to put them in practice

Commercial Aspects

What commercial aspects can a security plan include?
Basically, all commercial issues can be treated in a security strategic planning, related with business risk and business protection. As a first step, it is necessary to realize a risk evaluation and its necessities, about business protection, to implement programs that will help to avoid future lost and the potential commercial risks inside a company.
To develop a security strategic plan it is necessary, as a first measure, to establish the following guidelines:

-Security values measurement
-Integrated programs
-Adjust security to the company culture
-Equilibrium between human resources and technology
 Once the program the program which includes all the aspects has been settled, an objective evaluation of the security system can be made