• What we do

Security Solutions for Information Networks

• Vulnerability analysis through intrusion test and simulated    attacks to the systems

• Private information preservation – Interception proof

• Monitoring and safety against systems irregular use by internal    users, may it be accidental or intentional

• Study and re-definition of internal access level policies, according to organization critical information relevance

• Backup in systems open to external access

• Physical security analysis in rooms, equipment, communication facilities, etc., oriented to prevent information leaks in conventional supports, as well as other possible damages

Commercial Aspects

What commercial aspects can a security plan include?
Basically, all commercial issues can be treated in a security strategic planning, related with business risk and business protection. As a first step, it is necessary to realize a risk evaluation and its necessities, about business protection, to implement programs that will help to avoid future lost and the potential commercial risks inside a company.
To develop a security strategic plan it is necessary, as a first measure, to establish the following guidelines:

-Security values measurement
-Integrated programs
-Adjust security to the company culture
-Equilibrium between human resources and technology
 Once the program the program which includes all the aspects has been settled, an objective evaluation of the security system can be made