Police: Mission, Powers & Control – Police Strategies: from “Zero Tolerance” to “Communitary Police” – Compared Police Systems – Internal & International Coordination.

General Commissioner (R) and Former Chief of Argentinean Federal Police Adrián Juan PELACCHI, President of AP Security Consultora S.A.

What will happen with our current societies?  That was the question that opened treatment of violence and criminality in a paper from General Commissioner (R) Adrián Juan Pelacchi, published by Police and Criminalistic Magazine (Argentinean Federal Police) in March, 1997.
The author pointed there his concern – as Chief of Federal Police, then – due to a problem already being projected with growing gravity . Today, the evolution of the situation has led to conclude that today we live in a time of vulnerable societies, affected by the crumbling of social order.
This work came as a methodically ordered contribution of the needed information to know police organizations, structures, models and/or strategies that are rigorously current, in the precise moment when Security subject – or insecurity, as it is commonly considered – has acquired a special transcendence, not only in Argentina, but also worldwide, exposing increasing degrees of victimization, with an irrational violence that worries Argentinean people because it alters their way of life, putting in danger the harmonious social coexistence.
It is a consulting book, essential for the knowledge of Police as one of the apt tools, but not the only one, but one relevant at the time to built Security. This second edition adds new subjects of interest as Airport Security, in the post 9/11 concept, the new Airport Security Police and the modern concept of integration between public and private sectors, Communal Polices in France and Spain, and an updated focus about Buenos Aires Province Police reform, all current subjects with particular interest in our country.

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